Why Haven’t I Gotten One of These Until Now?!!

After waffling on getting a Danish dough whisk, I finally pulled the trigger on one yesterday and it landed on my doorstep this afternoon. To be honest, I thought it was just a bit of a gimmick, but now that I’ve got one and having used it to mix up a batch of baguette dough for tomorrow, I’m kicking myself!

It’s truly an ingenious contraption. The large loop acts as a scraper and lifts the flour up, while the inner loop and its smaller loops and their “arms” break up lumps and provide the mixing action. And this simple-looking contraption makes absolute quick work of mixing dough and not only that, where using a scraper or my hand to mix, I’d invariably catch some flour in a scooping motion and it would fly out of the bowl and onto the counter – or my clothes! But this didn’t happen once while I used this whisk to mix my dough and I was being fairly vigorous.

The one I got was a larger one: About 13″ in total length. I’ve seen some smaller ones, but I can see how this will work great with a variety of dough amounts. This really is one of those things that look like it shouldn’t work, but it just does.

And why I waited so long to get one is beyond me… No more dough-covered hands! Full stop.