Sharing My Mistakes…

One of my favorite YouTube channels to watch is Bake with Jack. Jack is based in the UK and has a no-nonsense approach to making bread and I’ve learned so much from watching his videos and internalizing the philosophies he shares. During the lock-down, Jack kind of disappeared. But recently, he came back and said that while he was still going to provide instructional videos, he needed to take some time to develop other things in his life. Good for him!

But in the same video, he shared the triumphs of several of his students and subscribers, but he also interjected that it’s also good to share are mistakes and failures. His viewpoint is that social media is flooded with everyone’s perfect loaves; not the previous loaves that led up to those triumphs.

So I’m going to share some of the epic fails and loaves I created when I first started out. I went through them this afternoon and was chuckling at just how bad they were. That said, not one of them tasted bad, they just didn’t rise very much or were a little misshapen. Looking at them, they’re a good reminder of where I started.


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