Back to Work… Still Baking…

As I’ve shared in the past, I’m a software engineer by trade, though I will come clean that I haven’t really coded professionally for years as I’m in executive management. Since January of this year, I had been officially unemployed as my previous company got purchased (and no, I didn’t make F-U money), and was taking a long time to evaluate what I wanted to do next. Of course, one of the options was to start a bakery, which I kind of did by creating Dawg House Bakery to bake bread to donate to shelters. Another option was to just go back into engineering as a senior-level software architect. But the thought of returning to the workforce as an individual contributor grated at me. So I decided to go back into engineering management.

So now I’m the Executive VP of Engineering for a small firm in the SF Bay Area Peninsula. I spent a couple of months talking to the firm and I’m super-happy to have joined. But when I landed the job, I worried that I wouldn’t have time to bake.

But I had nothing to fear because the management team is only required to come in three days a week (though lots of others come in because we like being together). So guess what I’m doing while I’m working from home? The fruits of my labor are pictured above. I took that loaf to work and shared it with my company! So cool!

Honestly, I’m no longer able to bake every day and I’m a little saddened by that. But on the bright side, at least I can still bake a couple of days out of the week. So I can still satisfy my obsession with dough!


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