A Particular Caveat About Backbone.js Development

I’ve been developing an MVC application using Backbone.js as my MVC engine. This is a very powerful framework and its capabilities extend beyond a proprietary MVC engine that I helped develop in a previous company. One thing that I absolutely love about Backbone.js is how you can use a third party DOM library such as jQuery. With the proprietary MVC engine I helped develop, we actually stringified our HTML and wrote it all out with innerHTML, and DOM operations were performed with DOM scripting. You might think this is screwy, but it ensured that we followed a fundamental rule: No component could know about another component’s DOM. The net result is that all view objects were completely encapsulated and their DOM’s protected from other objects.

With jQuery and other DOM-scripting libraries, all you need is a selector, and that sort of opens up your views’ DOM’s to be open to manipulation. I even found myself starting to do this in a module that I built where a two-column informational table was actually constructed from four different data sources and four different views. Luckily, I fell back on my old experience and made the conscious decision that my individual views would only know about the specific section of HTML for which they were responsible. But I could’ve easily broken the rule that a component only knows about its DOM and its DOM only.

You might ask, “So what? What’s the harm in that?” There’s actually not much harm of that, but if you have two components competing for the same patch of HTML, you could have some deleterious results. So my advice here is relegate your views to specific sections of HTML on they and only they act upon. This will ensure that you won’t stepping all over yourself and having to deal with resource contention.


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