Mounting Your VMWare VM on OSX Lion

If you have a VMWare VM installed on your Lion machine, and you have set up SSH on the VM, then it is possible to mount your VM as a volume on your Mac using OSXFuse and a client such as ExpanDrive.

For those of us who like to use an IDE like IntelliJ or WebStorm to do development, being able to treat my VM as a volume on my Mac has been a boon to development. But moreover, mounting as a volume allows for easier file management than using the command line. Some folks are fine with the command line, and I applaud them, but I’ve gotten used to using an IDE and having all its conveniences. Call me soft, but a big part of development is being able to work efficiently. If you’re not efficient, then you’re not productive.


4 thoughts on “Mounting Your VMWare VM on OSX Lion

      • crap I must be doing something wrong then I installed OSXFuse and ExpandDrive doesn’t seem to recognize it. All i’m seeing is the online stuff (FTP, S3 and their disk service). what version are you running?

      • First, test to see if you can SSH into your VM from terminal (if you’re using a VPN, you have to be logged into that as well). If you can SSH into your VM, it’s simply a matter of creating a new entry in ExpandDrive that points to the VM’s IP (or if you’re using DHCP, then you can use the VM name).

        Use SFTP. Here’s how I access my VM:

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